Real life stories from real people who set goals to achieve positive lifestyle changes. My hope is this will strengthen your desire to reach your goals, too!
I believe you will be inspired and motivated by what clients are saying…


this program was effortless

After having a conversation with Janet concerning my health, weight, and lack of energy, she suggested a food plan and exercise program.  Immediately, I began the program.  I was overweight and not physically fit but excited to begin. Janet provided recipes and snack ideas.  I worked out three 30 minutes sessions weekly with Janet and walked for 30 minutes each day.  This program was effortless.  I lost 19 pounds and 5 inches.  My overall health and energy improved so much, it was amazing!!

-Marlene,  Madison, NC


Like most diets, I was skeptical going into it. It was hard getting used to the new diet and routine, especially the hunger I felt during the first week. I was  surprised at how quickly I adapted though. After a couple weeks I had more energy, I was steadily losing weight, and I was even sleeping better. During the first 6 weeks I lost about 25 lbs, multiple inches, and gained the envy of my colleagues at work. What I found to be the most surprising thing was how good the meals actually were. I found myself looking forward to going home to eat what was on the menu which also helped resist all the other food choices that I was surrounded with.  
- Kevin, Chattanooga, TN


Several years ago I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and went through times when this condition was almost unbearable. During one of these particularly hard times, Janet asked if I had ever tried to figure out my food sensitivities or intolerances. She provided information that guided me through the process of eliminating foods from my diet to determine those that might be possible triggers. Within two months, I figured out my food sensitivities and adjusted my diet accordingly. Since becoming aware of my trigger foods, I have not struggled with IBS.   
- Lisa, King, NC


Janet Steward is dedicated to providing quality instruction to each client. She knows the content she teaches and motivates her students. Janet lives a healthy lifestyle and is passionate about providing a great fitness experience for each client.  
- Marla, Stoneville, NC



Working out with Janet was not only good for my health but for my soul as well. Through my workouts with Janet, I started to find and believe in myself again while enduring some of life’s toughest storms. She is a gentle but passionate instructor who loves Jesus and supports and encourages you never to give up! She was willing to adapt her programs to meet individual needs and always provides a peaceful and motivating environment.  
- Dana, Madison, NC

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Individual Sessions - Certified Health Coach -Smart Body Dynamics

Uniquely Focused

Tailored to guide and support lifestyle changes that are important to you. Designed to boost your immune system, balance metabolism, lose extra pounds or simply feel good!

Thrive 6 - Total Lifestyle Transformation - Health Coach -Smart Body Dynamics

Lifestyle Refresh

Specifically geared to address hunger cravings, energy levels, hormones and stress reduction. This is not about a quick fix, it is designed for you to promote life changing, lasting results.

Restorative Digestive Health Coach Sessions

Digestive Restore

Designed to help you discover optimal food choices for your body in order to promote increased energy, restful sleep, enhanced cognitive functions and balanced well-being.

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