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Infographic | Why should I get SMART? | Smart Body Dynamics


When I wake up in the morning and do not feel as good as I think I should. Sometimes or most of the time I feel older than my age. My kitchen counter is begining to look like a pharmacy. The foods I eat do not make me feel as good as they used to. I have found myself looking for a magic pill to fix all of my ailments.

If this sounds familiar...
I want to help you
feel like yourself again!

Let's start with breaking down your possible symptoms.

Do you suffer from?

sbd_info_icons_suffer gas bloat.png

Gas, bloating, constipation, fatigue, skin issues, allergies, chronic disease, etc.

sbd_info_icons_little energy .png

Little to no energy

sbd_info_icons_lack clarity.png

Lack mental clarity

sbd_info_icons_constant hunger.png

Constant hunger

Constantly Crave Sweets and Salty Foods

Tried every diet out there with no lasting results.

Constantly crave sweet and salty foods


Tired of spending hours at the gym every day and/or do not have - the time to do so.

sbd_info_icons_get my health back.png

Want to take charge of your health, get your life back and start thriving!!!


wellness COACH.

I believe in life changing, lasting results. I do not believe in rapid weight loss "quick fix" plans that afterwards leave you to deal with weight gain slowly creeping back on. You will learn how using the power of food as “medicine” nourishes the body; as well as how it impacts your immune system. You will be empowered and motivated to take charge of your health.

Do you feel like your not being heard?

You have my undivided attention, personal support and I will genuinely listen to your concerns. I do the digging and together we get to the root of the problem. With knowledge there is power. Understanding what happens when you eat certain foods – good or bad – allows you to make an educated choice as to how you nourish and fuel your body.


  • Restoring digestive health and boosting the immune system.
  • Fueling and nourishing your body with simple, savory food choices that satisfy cravings.
  • Increasing mobility and restoring flexibility using simple techniques to fit any busy schedule.
  • Reviving sleep patterns and balancing hormones.
  • Increasing energy and developing a positive mindset.
  • Losing weight easily when you become conscious about food and how it impacts the body.
  • Losing those extra inches without counting calories or points.
  • Empowering others to make SMART choices, restore their health and THRIVE!

How do you plan to get SMART ?

Individual Sessions - Certified Health Coach -Smart Body Dynamics

Uniquely Focused

Tailored to guide and support lifestyle changes that are important to you. Designed to boost your immune system, balance metabolism, lose extra pounds or simply feel good!

Thrive 6 - Total Lifestyle Transformation - Health Coach -Smart Body Dynamics

Lifestyle Refresh

Specifically geared to address hunger cravings, energy levels, hormones and stress reduction. This is not about a quick fix, it is designed for you to promote life changing, lasting results.

Restorative Digestive Health Coach Sessions

Digestive Restore

Designed to help you discover optimal food choices for your body in order to promote increased energy, restful sleep, enhanced cognitive functions and balanced well-being.

Let's get smart, RESTORE AND THRIVE together!