Individual Programs

Each indvidual health and wellness program contains all of the tools
to help you create a permanent lifestyle change
including all of my support!

Individual Sessions - Certified Health Coach -Smart Body Dynamics
Thrive 6 - Total Lifestyle Transformation - Health Coach -Smart Body Dynamics
Individual Sessions - Certified Health Coach -Smart Body Dynamics
Restorative Digestive Health Coach Sessions


it's about you

All of the SMART Body Dynamics’ individual programs are based on a "functional approach" to wellness. This means the programs focus on addressing how food functions within our bodies to provide nourishment and overall health.

My approach is to better understand the person as a whole and provide individual coaching that proactively promotes better health. Every person’s body, metabolism, and motivation to change is unique. Therefore, the success of any wellness program depends on your commitment and consistency. I cannot and will not force anyone to change. The ultimate outcome of participating in this program resides within you. If you are dedicated and willing to change, you will achieve success no matter which individual health and wellness program you choose.



  • Chronic disease
  • Low energy levels
  • Sluggish metabolism
  • Fatigue
  • Digestive issues
  • Increased stress
  • Extra pounds that have gradually piled
    on over the years
  • Confusion over all the conflicting nutrition information out there


Just you and me! Together, we’ll create a unique wellness plan that works for you. Get the individual attention and the personal support you deserve to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. You will learn how to implement lifestyle changes that will enable you to heal your digestive system, boost your immune system, balance metabolism, lose those extra pounds, and simply feel good!


Is this a good choice for me?

A Smart Fit...

  • Want to be an active participant in their own well-being
  • Want to make a lifestyle change in order to feel their best
  • Are interested in how food interacts with their bodies
  • Ready to invest the time and money it takes to make a lifestyle change

Not a Smart Fit...

  • Seeking a quick-fix or immediate solution
  • Not willing to change their habits
  • Not interested in prioritizing their health
  • Unmotivated or unwilling to try new things

Individual Sessions - Certified Health Coach - Smart Body Dynamics


The focus is on YOU, meeting your needs, and achieving your wellness goals.
I’ll be here to educate, motivate, and hold you accountable.


SMART A la Carte health coaching sessions are conducted via telephone or google chat. There is no commuting, so you can stay in the privacy of your home or office. You will receive a list of suggestions and action steps to complete before each session. Consider me your partner in your wellness journey!


  • Improving Digestive Health
  • Foods that fight chronic disease
  • Boosting your immune system
  • Weight loss
  • Reducing stress
  • Increasing metabolism
  • Are you ready?

$150 / 3 sessions

  • Three 30 minute coaching sessions.

  • Action Steps that we determine together.

  • Supplemental materials such as recipes and educational handouts.

  • Email support is included between sessions to answer your questions as needed.

  • My personal commitment to your health and success

$300 / 6 sessions

  • Six 30 minute coaching sessions.

  • Action Steps that we determine together.

  • Supplemental materials such as recipes and educational handouts.

  • Email support is included between sessions to answer your questions as needed.

  • My personal commitment to your health and success.


Thrive Challenge - Total Lifestyle Transformation - Health Coach - Smart Body Dynamics

what is the core focus?

Healing the Body and Prevention of Chronic Disease — Specifically geared to address the core causes of disease. The THRIVE Challenge will teach you how to be truly healthy, help you build a strong immune system, and restore natural energy levels.

"Give me 8 weeks and I will give you the tools
to promote life changing lasting results!"


What can you expect from this program?

The Thrive Challenge is an eight (8) week guided journey to reboot your health through diet, exercise, managing stress, reviving natural sleep patterns, balancing hormones, and more. Together, we will combat your chronic disease, allergies, fatigue, stress and all the other issues that may be dragging you down.

At the end of the eight (8) weeks, my goal for you is to feel like a totally new person and feel like your body got a full upgrade. As an added bonus, you will now be empowered to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy.

Program Preview:

  • Two group coaching sessions.
  • Eight weekly video coaching sessions to watch at your convenience.
  • Weekly modules packed with additional information focused on healing the body and disease prevention
  • Food guide with sample meals and snacks
  • Over 70 healthy recipes
  • Exercise guide tailored to be simple and easy
  • Closed Facebook group
  • Email support throughout the 8 week program

If you are tired of feeling bad, drained of energy, fighting chronic disease, or are simply seeking to improve your health; this is the program for you!"

Program outline

Eat To Heal
Healing Food Choices

Standard American Diet(SAD)

Poison in a package

Understanding Carbohydrates

Starch and Sugar

Healing Liquids

Water, Juices/Smoothies and Bone Broth

Healing Benefits of Movement

Interval Training

De-Stress - It is vital to your health

The stress/gut connection
Stress reducers

Revive Sleep Patterns and Balance Hormones

Why is sleep so important anyway?
The Hormone/Gut Connection

Become Your Own Health Advocate

Putting it all together


Thrive with Two payments of $205

Thrive with One payment of $399


Individual Sessions - Certified Health Coach - Smart Body Dynamics

How Does The program work?

This program is focused on consistent exercise in combination with optimal food choices, for ideal fat burn and body sculpting. Learn to eat the right foods to promote better health and weight loss. Learn how to exercise more effectively and efficiently .

Challenge yourself... Challenge a friend...
Get Moving. Get Smart.
Get with the program!!!


CHALLENGERS receive...

  • Food guide with sample meals
  • Over 70 Yummy Recipes
  • Healthy dessert recipes
  • Healthy snack ideas
  • Workout program
  • Weekly motivation to maintain a positive mindset
  • Email support from your coach for the entire 60 days!

The 60-DAY CHALLENGE will teach you how to combine consistent exercise with the best eating choices, so you can shred fat and sculpt your body.

If you are looking to drop a dress size, gain muscle, increase energy, or be healthier — This is the class for you!

Take the 60-DAY CHALLENGE and start your way to a new YOU!

Make 2019 your most successful year ever!

Take the challenge! I DARE YOU!


60 day challenge with Two payments of $55

60 day challenge with One payment of $99


Restorative Digestive Health Coach Sessions

what is restore 12?

A wellness program that is solely focused on restoring your digestive health by removing potential offensive foods from the diet.

"This type of program helped me discover my food sensitivities and heal my lifelong digestive issues. It was the turning point in boosting my immune system and the subsequent healing of my chronic lung disease."


What makes this program
uniquely different?

This is a digestive health and food sensitivity wellness program. Through this program you will discover the optimal food choices for your body to promote increased energy, restful sleep, weight loss, better cognitive functions, and much more. You will learn how to tweak, adjust and adapt foods best suited to your food sensitivities, metabolic balance, and personal preferences.

Program Preview:

  • Twelve individual 30 minute coaching sessions online via Google chat, telephone or face-to-face for local clientele
  • Step by Step instructions
  • Food elimination list including alternatives
  • Educational information as to why you are eliminating certain foods
  • Food guide with sample meals and snacks
  • Meal recipes
  • Exercise guide tailored to be simple and easy
  • Maintenance guide
  • Email support throughout the program

Program Outline

WEEK 1 - 4, Food Elimination
During the first four weeks, you will eliminate six highly allergenic foods from your diet. In this course of time, your digestive symptoms will start the healing process and you will quickly feel a difference in your overall well-being. "Don't get stressed, you can do anything for four weeks, especially if it leads to a radical health transformation."

WEEK 5 - 8, Food Reintroduction
This is the reintroduction phase. You will begin to reintroduce the six foods one at a time while observing any symptoms of sensitivity or intolerance. During this time, I will be an email or phone call away to guide you through the process and answer any questions about your symptoms.

WEEK 9 - 12, Combination Foods
Upon completion of the single food reintroduction phase, you will begin to challenge various food combinations while observing any unpleasant symptoms. During these final weeks, I will discuss and address any foods you were unable to tolerate and what the next steps will be during your healing process.


Restore with three payments of $105

Restore with
One payment of $300

Be your own coach
One payment of $49



Are You Ready To Get SMART...
but unsure where to start...

We can figure it out together!



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About Me

As someone who has experienced a debilitating chronic illness, here is what I know to be true...the food you eat has a profound effect on your health.

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Real life stories from real people who set goals to achieve positive lifestyle changes. My hope is this will strengthen your desire to reach your goals, too!

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