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Prevention of chronic disease can
increase your profits and reduce your loss.

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Individual Sessions - Certified Health Coach -Smart Body Dynamics
Individual Sessions - Certified Health Coach -Smart Body Dynamics
Individual Sessions - Certified Health Coach -Smart Body Dynamics


Better Health & Increased Productivity


  • Corporate health care costs are out of control and increasing

  • In 2015, U.S. health care spending increased 5.8 percent to reach $3.2 trillion, or $9,990 per person. (CDC)

  • More than 80% of our immune response takes place in the gut! (IHS)

  • 80% of chronic diseases are preventable by making SMART food and lifestyle choices.

  • Common, modifiable risk factors underlie the major chronic diseases. They include (WHO):
    • unhealthy diet;
    • physical inactivity;
    • tobacco use

  • The CDC estimates that eliminating these three risk factors would prevent: 80% of heart disease and stroke; 80% of type 2 diabetes

What is reWORX Corporate Wellness?

reWORX Corporate Wellness Coaching is designed to improve your company’s bottom line by promoting a healthy lifestyle and overall well-being of your most valuable and profitable asset - YOUR EMPLOYEES!  

reWORX Corporate Wellness Coaching does not have to be complicated. ReWorx is simple, easy and cost effective. In general, most employees spend more hours at work than anywhere else. Establishing a wellness program helps to instill the benefits of a healthy work life balance, thereby creating a positive work environment and happier employees. Happiness directly correlates to increased productivity. Ultimately, when a company prioritizes their employees happiness and wellness, it reflects well on their bottom line.

Employees will learn how using the power of food as “medicine” nourishes the body; as well as how it impacts their immune system. They will be empowered and motivated to take charge of their health. If your company is looking for a more personalized employee wellness plan, then reWORX is the program for you.



Positive Energy
Employee Moral
Healthy Working Environment

Illness and injuries
Risk of chronic illness
Employee absenteeism
Healthcare Costs


Corporate Wellness Programs

Smart Talks Corporate Wellness Program

Smart Talks

I provide educational seminars, in addition to webinars and podcasts that provide flexibility for your employees' busy schedules. Designed for groups or individuals to gain knowledge about food and how it affects their body.  

Food will no longer be just food. With knowledge there is power. Understanding, what happens when we eat certain foods – good or bad – allows us to make an educated choice as to how we nourish and fuel our body. I believe in being proactive about our health. Simply put, food is fuel for the body.

"I will teach your employees how to fuel their body for optimal performance. I will motivate and empower them to make SMART healthy choices to live a vibrant, healthy life!"

A sample of smart talk topics:

  • 5 Building Blocks to Better Health and Healing the Body
  • Overcoming the Struggles of trying to be Healthy in an Unhealthy World
  • Introducing the Conductor of your Hormones - “The Gut!”
  • FRAZZLE FREE! - Tips to De-Stress and Balance Your Life!
  • What the Fork? - Combating chronic illness with Healthy Food Choices
  • A Recipe for success! - Mindset + Motivation = Movement
  • Good Night, Sleep Tight... Sleep Patterns and how they impact your overall health
  • The Good, the Bad & the Ugly - How to smarten up your carb choices
  • Go with the Flow, H20! The importance of staying hydrated.
  • DIET FREE, FAD FREE, Weight Loss! A smart way to better health.
  • Fighting Chronic Illness with Food, Movement, and Natural Supplements
  • Savor the Savings - The Budget Friendly Healthy Shopping Cart.
  • Grab and Go! - How to eat healthy on the run.
  • What’s on the inside that counts! A Great Physique Does Not Equal Great Health.

30,60 and 90 Day Challenges

Smart Challenge


ReWorx Corporate Wellness offers 30, 60 and 90 Day Challenges. Fun, engaging, team building fitness challenges to see who can lose the highest percentage of their starting weight. However, the overall purpose of the program is to educate employees on how the combination of exercise and food choices impact the immune system and the the body's overall health.


  • Weekly accountability check-ins via a closed
    Facebook group, surveys, etc.

  • Food plan

  • Exercise guide tailored to be simple and easy

  • Savory Recipes

  • Weekly mindset motivators including:
    goal setting, self talk, and daily focus

  • Motivation and support via a closed Facebook group

  • Bi-weekly health seminars offered after hours or during lunch.

  • Weigh-in on day one and bi-weekly for the duration of the challenge.

Competitors are encouraged to keep a daily journal of food intake,
water intake, exercise, sleep times, stress levels, and gratitude reflections



About Janet Link - Certified Health Coach - Smart Body Dynamics

About me

As someone who has experienced a debilitating chronic illness, here is what I know to be true...the food you eat has a profound effect on your health.

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Real life stories from real people who set goals to achieve positive lifestyle changes. My hope is this will strengthen your desire to reach your goals, too!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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