Thriving, Not Just Surviving...A Testimony of Renewed Health

There is something about hearing real life stories from real people that tugs at your heart. Today, I am sharing an email testimony I received from one of my clients. Jean is a 65 year old female from Tennessee. My hope is that her story will strengthen your desire to reach your own health goals!



For me this journey has been successful and I am grateful to Janet for helping me along the way. I have tried many ways to lose weight and improve my health, but with no success. When Janet offered to show me the challenge, I thought...I can do this. Thus, my story begins.

I took the challenge and did not waiver from what Janet asked that I do. After the first week, I lost 8 pounds and I noticed the daily swelling in my legs was gone. Wow! Just one week and I could feel a difference!

I have had two knee replacements and my left knee continued to hurt, especially going up and down stairs. After the second week, my knee pain subsided. I have issues with my back and even that began to improve. I did not see as much weight loss, but the improvements in my knees and back was worth it.

By the end of week three I had lost a total of 10 pounds. Boy, was I excited. I continued to feel better than the week before.

As I started into week four, I knew this challenge was working. I had a doctor’s appointment with blood work scheduled. During my previous checkup, 6 months ago, my total cholesterol had been 233. It was now 190. My HDL cholesterol had been 33, now 70. My LDL cholesterol was down from 139 to 103. This was still a bit on the high side, but a good number in ratio to the HDL. My triglycerides had been 219, now 79. WOW, was I excited! That is not all. My resting glucose went from 99 to 88. My A1C was down from 5.5 to 5.3. I figure that will go down even more with a longer time of eating well! All of these results were very encouraging to me! Plus, I am now down 14 pounds.

Can you see my excitement in this wellness checkup? Janet encouraged me along the way to hang in there. She reminded me that getting rid of sugar and processed foods would make a change in the way I felt. She was right. I thank Janet for giving me a challenge that is changing my life.

I am so proud of Jean’s accomplishments. I recently spoke with her and she has now lost a total of 22 pounds as she continues to remain faithful to the lifestyle changes she has made. Even more impressive than the weight loss, is the health improvements. Jean continues to THRIVE, not just survive.

You can experience similar results! Contact me to learn how.

Janet Steward