You have got motivation, but are you COMMITTED?

How many people do you know that have struggled to sustain motivation to make lifestyle changes to improve their health, naturally combat chronic disease, or simply lose weight? I know many of you start out with good intentions. Unfortunately, at some point the motivation fades away and old, easy habits creep back in and you ultimately give up completely.

I believe that most of you genuinely want to change, but you allow life and unforeseen circumstances to change your optimistic “I can do this attitude” to “this is too hard, I can’t do this”. Basically, you go from believing your goals were possible to impossible.

What happened? Several things could be to blame.


  • Did not have had a solid plan

  • Lacked the necessary resources to carry out your plan

  • Simply lost your focus on “why” you started in the first place.

So, how can you switch your mindset and commit to healthy lifestyle changes. To accomplish this, you must seriously think about your life and your vision for a healthier self. Then, you can make a strong and unwavering commitment to healthy changes. The tips below will help you move past desire and motivation, so you can COMMIT to change.

#1 Focus on the “Why” – Keep the reason “why” you want to make lifestyle changes in the forefront. Do not lose your focus. Write down your goals and “why” you want to attain them. Keep it somewhere visible so that you can read it daily. I believe you will have success when your healthy lifestyle goal becomes a “must” instead of a “should.”

#2 Develop and Keep a Positive Mindset – This includes not only what you think, but also what you say. Completely eliminate thoughts and words like “I can’t” or “I will try” and replace them with “I can” and “I am definitely going to do this”.

#3 Have a plan and set goals - “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” It is just that simple. Write out specific goals with timelines. Then write out your step by step plan of how you are going to accomplish your goals. Set realistic goals and DO NOT try to do everything at once. You will succeed if you take baby steps toward permanent changes.

#4 Tell the World – Tell your friends, family, co-workers, etc. Telling everyone creates accountability and announces to the people in your life what you are doing. This way, no one should be offended when you choose not to indulge in unhealthy habits.

#5 Clean out your kitchen – Eliminate unhealthy foods that may be temping by cleaning out your pantry and refrigerator. If you have junk foods, throw them out. When you shop, do not buy anything that will be a temptation to you!

# 7 Beware of Exceptions – The problem with exceptions is they multiple. One exception leads to another exception, and so on. This does not mean, you can never reward yourself with a treat. However, if your goal is to improve your health or heal chronic disease, then exceptions could set your back and even destroy progress you have made.

#8 Learn from Past Mistakes - Failure can be an excellent teacher. Take time to reflect on what went wrong in the past. Use past mistakes to help guide you to better choices today.

#9 Never Give Up – Remember, it is all about COMMITMENT. Making healthy lifestyle changes takes time. Old habits are not broken, and new habits formed in a day or even a week. It takes time to permanently form new habits. Stay the course and you will achieve your goals.

You do not have to do it alone. Seek out a trusted friend or qualified health coach who is passionate about helping you improve your health. Having a solid support system can help you stay committed and reach your long-term health goals. If you need guidance, please reach out to me. I promise to be your biggest cheerleader. Your health and quality of life are important to me. Together, we can make it happen!

Janet Steward